Hi! I’m Ivan Bayross

I think most programmers spend the first 5 years of their career mastering complexity and the rest of their lives learning simplicity – Buzz Andersen.

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I multiply Internet income for clients.

I use tried, tested and proven Digital Marketing techniques to achieve this.

Crafting a digital marketing strategy that delivers exactly what it is supposed to, is my forte.

I do not consider Digital Marketing as work. I thoroughly enjoy running successful digital marketing campaigns.

Campaigns that deliver a client exactly what they desired.

Webinars, Seminars, & Workshops

I conduct webinars on Joomla, WordPress, Bootstrap and Digital Marketing regularly. Some webinar participation is free. Some webinars are paid for.

The time, date and topic of my webinars, free or paid, are always announced via this site’s newsletter. Do register and get OSV’s  information packed, stuff you can use, newsletter, you’ll never regret this.

Opensource tools and technologies and Digital Marketing are evergreen verticals that offer anyone extensive earning opportunities.

Come, connect, engage. Let me help you rocket your website development and Digital Marketing skills skywards.

Why I’m Developing Opensourcevarsity

To share some of the coding skill I’ve acquired over the years, I’m developing www.opensourcevarsity.com.

Opensourcevarsity offers a ton of step-by-step, screen-by-screen tutorials, on Joomla, WordPress, Bootstrap, and Digital Marketing. Some of the tutorial are free to access, registration is required though. To access some of the tutorials a monthly subscription is necessary.

Opensourcevarsity also offers multiple premium training programs at modest prices.

The crafting of beautiful, useful, responsive, websites. Then marketing these Internet assets successfully are really two sides of the same coin. I want to get young IT professionals excited about being Opensource evangelists and sound Digital Marketers.

Ivan's Family

My Family Is The Centre Of My Universe.

My wife Cynthia is on the left, I’m in the centre. Our daughter Chriselle is on the right. The kid in my arms is my nephew Rahul. His parents are Raina (our niece) and Siddharth. All three of them live in NewYork.

I’ve fallen in love twice. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. The second time was when I discovered computers. I’ve been writing code for more than 32+ years. Writing or fixing code is a passion. It’s the reason I get up and get going, every morning. Often 7 days a week.

Did I mention that I write? Oh! I do. I love to write.

I´ve published more than 68 books till date and I still write. Going from successful international tech author to enthusiastic blogger was natural for me.

A lot of my books are available on Amazon if you’d like to take a quick look

I’ve been fascinated by Digital Marketing for years. Digital Marketing empowers site owners to generate a decent to excellent income via the Internet.

I’ve lived in Mumbai, the commerce capital of India, all my life. I cannot think of living elsewhere. I’ve travelled the world but Mumbai is always home.

My life experiences have taught me, sometimes painfully, that it´s:
Not who you are
What you do
How much money you earn
What power you can wield
It´s what you give to others without expecting anything back in return that matters most.

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By Ivan Bayross
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