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International Author, Opensource Evangelist, Business Mentor

I Increase your Internet income steadily.

Deliver measurable Return On Investment – month on month.

Increasing your Internet business income steadily is how I maintain strong, success based, consultancy relationships.

90% on my consultancy work comes from referrals.

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Application Development Companies Struggle
To Understand Customer Businesses

Yes! You Can Stop! This

Digital Agencies Always Talk About Increasing
Site Visitors, Likes, Shares

Stop! Talk About Multiplying Client Income.

I’ve trained 1000’s of seasoned coders so they understand customer businesses effortlessly.

When application developers understand a customer’s business intimately, they always deliver an application that delights the customer.

Repeat orders and referrals always come from delighted customers.

  • I can help you in:
  • Project documentation?
  • Project management?
  • Project costing?
  • Controlling project deliverables?
  • And so much more? . . .

With 30+ years of, hard core I.T. project management, and ensuring customer delight, this is exactly what I will deliver to You and your technical team.

Happy customers always increase your income via repeat orders and referrals.

Increased inbound traffic and page rank are great
If site visitors don’t convert into paying customers, the digital marketing efforts are not adding value to a client, are they?

I can support you in a multitude of different ways to make you a front runner in your domain.

Pre-interview screening / short listing of digital interns.

Train your digital staff in the nuances of digital marketing.

Deliver focused, digital marketing, skill upgrade workshops.

All of which ensures your client’s digital marketing needs are met and exceeded, measurably.

Together let’s figure out how much we can multiply the client’s income by and how quickly.

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Consult with the competent, results are a given.

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