Train with Ivan Bayross. You could be earning between Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000/- PM pretty soon.

I’ll teach you to develop, best-in-class HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Responsive WordPress themes and Joomla templates in my 60 day Intensive, full time, training program. Employers are waiting to grab you when you can prove to them you can build responsive themes and templates. Get on top of these skills and walk into your coding/design job.

Training Eligibility

You are Not Eligibile for our full-time Training if:
  You are from outside Mumbal
NOTE:Training occurs at Mumbai. You will be unable to attend if you are out of Mumbai
  You are still studying and need an internship to complete your degree
  This is an intensive training program not an internship. If you are still studying you cannot devote 10:30am to 05:00pm (full time) for the training

My intensive training readies you to grab opportunities that await you in the real world. You are assured of live projects to work on and a certificate of competences, at the end of it. Plus, opportunities galore, for the really competent.

My proven training in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript & Responsive User Interface creation, imparts skills that’s been refined over hundreds of participants.

Taught by Ivan Bayross, author of 65+ books on computers. Teacher and mentor to 1000s of students, for over 30+ years.

Seats are limited. The selection rigorous. Hurry! Give me your details in the form adjacent. Let’s set up your acceptance evaluation immediately.

Timings and Duration
Weekdays, Monday to Friday 10:30am to 05:00pm (full time)
8 weeks of intensive hands-on coding and training.

Training Certificate
Yes. Subject to an Evaluation of what you’ve been taught.
You must demonstrate that you’ve picked up at least 80% of the skills that you were trained in.

Work Experience Certificate
Yes. Subject to having worked on specific live projects and successfully delivered what was expected of you.

Training Acceptance
Not automatic. You will have to meetup and go through a basic skills Evaluation.

A few of Ivan’s books. They look familiar?

Newbie to Ninja in 60 days

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