I think most programmers spend the first 5 years of their career mastering complexity and the rest of their lives learning simplicity – Buzz Andersen.

I am proud to be an Indian technical author.

To date, I have written and published more than 68 books. Most of my books are focused on commercial application development using various Microsoft and Opensource tools and technologies.

I have not stopped writing. Writing is a passion that wakes me up each morning and makes me want to go to work.

The books I first authored were centered around Oracle. I´ve spent considerable time in my professional life creating commercial applications using Oracle as the RDBMS of choice. Oracle’s Pl/SQL, has become almost a second language for me.

Today what fascinates me is MySQL. This is another RDBMS owned by Oracle corporation.

MySQL was an Opensource RDBMS until it was purchased by Oracle corp. MySQL, an industrial strength RDBMS is available for download and use completely free of all costs.

I believe that there is nothing that Oracle can do, that MySQL cannot and MySQL is free of all costs. In today´s commercial world this is truly amazing.

Some Of The Books I’ve Authored.


I’m fired up by PHP are you?

Today, a large percentage of commercial applications are driven off the Internet. PHP is a simple to use, very powerful, server side, scripting language that empowers programmers to create enterprise wide commercial applications. These work effortlessly across geographical boundaries, driven by the almost limitless reach of the Internet.

I´m really very excited about Apache, PHP and MySQL as a development framework that can deliver commercial applications anywhere in the world where there is acceptable Internet access.

I believe that I´m the only Indian technical author that has written and published the most books on Opensource tools and technologies.

What I´m most proud of is that several of my books have been adopted as by various Indian universities as standard textbook material for students who aspire to a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Some of my books are recommended reading material at M.I.T in the US, Singapore University and a one or two other foreign universities.

Whether you´re studying at a university, doing an online I.T course, or simply pursuing your own studies, I hope my books will provide useful information to you.



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